Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hat Hats and Hats

Shock! Amazement!! Consecutive posts? On consecutive days!?! No, nothing's wrong, I've just been weirdly productive lately. Well, actually, that's not true - I would have finished Clapotis last week if I had had enough yarn. In the meantime, while waiting for my savior yarn, I had to work on something else. Thus enters ...

... the finally completed Chubby Ribbed Hat for my dad!! Yep, I finished it up last night while watching The Apprentice (go Street Smarts!) and decompressing from finishing my brief. It turned out pretty well, I think - it's very stretchy and very comfy. I used the stitch pattern from the Marsan watchcap, but I didn't do those spiffy turned decreases, mostly because I didn't have the pattern printed out and it was just easier to work my own. I kitchenered the top rather than pulling the yarn through so that it wouldn't make that little hole that happens sometimes. It looks slightly funny in the picture (can you see the ridgy bit at the top? I can.), but it doesn't show up when worn.
How do I know? Well, of course I had to try it on.

Gee, I'm doing really well at taking flattering pictures this week, eh? Well, that's what you get when I'm the photographer AND the model. Plus, well, it was late and dark out. I do have hair, I promise. You just can't see it.
Anyway, the hat turned out nicely, and frankly, Dad will be lucky if I ever give it up. It's awfully comfy. But I did promise him a hat, and so he shall have it (but if it doesn't fit, you know it'll have a good home, just in case you were worried).
But you know what this all means, don't you? It means I am *gasp!* OUT OF KNITTING PROJECTS!! It probably also means I'm due for a case of startitis - what to do next!?
Never fear, I'm planning a little trip to the yarn store tomorrow, to reward myself (within reason) for finishing my brief. I'm sure something there will inspire me. I'm also expecting some yarn from KnitPicks - some of their new line - soon (hopefully tomorrow), and I have a few projects in mind for that, too. Socks! In the meantime, I need to finish my never-knitted second red beefy mitten, so I think that will get picked up tonight, and maybe I'll do some long leftover ends-weaving-in on Clapotis and another project or two.

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