Sunday, June 23, 2013

PSA Winter

So, first, a public service announcement to (I flatter myself) regular readers: we have internet!! Yes, a delightfully helpful Comcast employee named Vinnie showed up this morning and hooked us up with high speed internet! I'm willing to put up with the slightly irritating 10-minute timeouts on our wireless network since I can actually check my email at home again! (Have I used enough exclamation points yet? Clearly not!!)

On to more important things, namely the newly announced Winter IK projects. I give you my take.

Diamond Seed: cute! I'd make it in a brighter color, but it looks like it'd be a fun and fast knit, especially for a Christmas pressie or something. 

Te Rosada: my irritation is that I can't see the sweater very well in this pic! (Yeah, I know, it's just a preview, but still -- can't tell how long it is.) I love the colorway, though, and it looks like a nice, cozy, chunky sweater. I'll withhold further judgment, or as we say in law school, remand for further review consistent with this opinion.

Shocking: have I professed my love enough for Veronik Avery? I dig her, that's pretty much the long and short of it. In particular, I dig the shape of the jacket and I'm loving the skirt. I've never been drawn to making a knit skirt before, but ... all that might have just changed. Lovely.

Old Way Gansey: thus far, ganseys ain't my thing, so I can't tell you anything about it. Plus, the picture's too small. 

Nordic Mittens: oooooooh, nice! I'm fairly certain, however, that I would prove to be waaaaaay too impatient to make them myself. If I'm going to attempt fair isle (a first for me), I'd rather start off with something a little simpler, maybe three colors, tops. Plus, um, I need to learn to knit continental.

Nattrojer: I like the square-cut neck. Other than that ... can't really tell.

Mohair Cowl Pullover: I'm pretty sure that sweater is being eaten by the cowl. Sure, maybe it's just the pic, but you can't be sure, can you?

Airy Cardigan: Cute, but so not for me. I can see it on some friends, though. I like the three-quarter sleeves and the little ruffle. 

Retro Rib Socks: very cute.

Felted Daypack: this looks remarkably similar to my booga j backpack, except not striped. 

Felted Pullover: *cough* fringe! *cough* Plus, the yarn is 50 wool/50 acrylic, so isn't it going to felt weird? Remanded.

Tilted Jacket: on first look, this looks lovely. I like the sideways-knit aspect of it (if I identify that correctly). I use the world lovely too much, I think.

Pulse Warmers: I'm thinking of making something like these out of a skein of KPPPM I picked up, mostly because I wanted to try knitting with Koigu and because my wrists get cold in the winter I get that gap between my cuff and my mittens. 

Pine Cone Scarf: that yarn looks yummy! (The model's not bad either.)

Fair Isle Sampler Hat: see comments above for Nordic Mittens. 

Chevron: Like the pullover, not the capelet, but that's mostly because I'm just not a capelet kinda girl. 

Colorwork Classic: black and yellow ain't my thing, either.

Ties: um ... they're ties. I'm not going to knit anyone a tie. 

Interlocking Cables: wow. Lotsa cable work. I'd be interested to see how they get those inside-out ones to work.

Sideways Pullover: beware the horizontal stripes -- not good for me.

Fringed vest: no thanks.

Flower Hat and Lace Knee Highs: um. Dunno what to say about those. Not for me.

Lush Cables: Ugh. Oh I wants it. Oh it will look so bad on my body type. Oh but the yummy yarn and the cables and the guh! Wants. 

Cascade Cardigan: cute shape, I like cropped sweaters.

Up-Town Gaiters: I would so totally make these if I had even remotely the right shoes! But somehow I just don't think they'll look so cute over my Merrell mocs. 

Okay, that's it, and just in time. I'm off to Brookline to drool over Gael Garcia Bernal in the Motorcycle Diaries. Yum.

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