Sunday, June 23, 2013

Take a look at my sock

I have another FO, but it's more of an FFO this time -- Failed Finished Object. Oh, it's finished, and yes, it looks lovely -- just not on me. I finished it up, seamed the sides and the straps, and lying on my table it looked gorgeous. I love the color, the fabric, the pattern, everything. And then I put it on. And I went "Oh. I would never wear this."

It's too short, too baggy and just doesn't quite work. But I'm proud of the work I did to make it, especially since I successfully sized up the pattern. It's just never going to get worn.

So admire it while you can, before I decide to frog the whole darned thing and make something else.
Last night I finished up the first of my pair of Broadripple socks while watching the Olympics. (poor Paul Hamm! But such grace under pressure.) I did a much shorter cuff than the pattern indicates, because I like shorter cuffs! The pattern was lots of fun, very well written and quite easy to do. . I love the way the color worked up, and it has a nice, soft feel. It took less than one skein to do the whole sock, so I'm going to have two skeins left over even when I finish the second sock. I'll have to think about what to do with those.

In the meantime, take a look at my sock!

 used the two-circular method for these socks, as you can see, and I loved it. So much faster! Fewer pointy bits poking me! I've never quite managed to master dpns as well as I should, so discovering this method was really a godsend for me. I don't think I'll ever use tiny dpns again, if I can help it! 

I'm in the midst of seaming Aquafresh, too, so hopefully that will be done very soon and I can get pics up to show you! Hard to believe that as August comes to a close, I've actually managed to finish all my summer projects. I'm not usually that productive, but having a whole month off in Maine certainly helps.

Okay, well not quite, but the knitting is done, and now the "making up," as the Rowan books put it, begins. Tonight I finished the neck bind off (which looks beautiful) and seamed one side and sleeve, and I have to say, my seams look beautiful. Truly gorgeous. I'm so proud of them -- you can't even see the seam! Yes, I probably sound like a crazy person, but I've had trouble with seams before and these look yummy. Invisibly, perfectly yummy. 

Tomorrow, more seaming (the other side and sleeve), then lots and lots and lots of end-weaving-in because, I kid you not, there are about twenty different ends. ARGH! My least favorite part. But I will be motivated because when it is done, I will have a beautiful sweater! That fits!! (Yes, I've been trying it on in pieces and in weird, almost-poncho form when only the raglan seams were done and none of the sides or sleeves and it fit! And the sleeve I seamed fits!)

I'm the Queen of Seaming!!

The real thanks, of course, as always, goes to my Secret Little Helper,The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, that guru of all things finishing.  

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